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Single Screw & Barrel

Radhekrishna Extrusions, a renowned engineering company have been serving in the field of the screw - barrel manufacturing for last more than 28 years. We specialize in manufacturing screw - barrel from Dia. 20mm - 150mm  and length up to 4000mm. 

Screw Barrel is the heart of the extruders and plays a very crucial role in the extrusion process. Our Screw Barrels are manufactured under very precise stage wise inspection and quality verification system. The company has all advanced in-house facilities to manufacture the screw and barrels. With the combined experience of over 100 years and proper QMS (Quality Management System), We thrive to be the best in the business in the coming years.


Special Features

• Best Melt Quality
• High Plasticizing performance and throughput
• Useful life and efficiency
• Repeatability


  • Injection Moulding Machine & Blow Moulding Machine
  • All Extrusion Machine like Pipe Plant, Sheet Plant, Film Plant, Lamination Plant, Tape Plant, Cable Extrusion.

We Manufacture

• Vented Screw & Barrel
• Barrier Screw & Barrel
• Grooved Feed
• Medoc – Barrier Screw
• Ring Plunger Set & Torpedo

Special Note 

• We are manufacturer all OEM like Kabra, Windsor, Rollepaal, Theyson, Krauss Maffie, Lohia and many more…
• We are manufacturing all types of screw & barrel, like single screw & barrel, parallel twin screw & barrel, conical twin screw & barrel.
• More than 5000 customers for the above product.
• Already served corporate customer like Astral, Ashirwad, Kisan, Texmo, Kothari and many more

Product Specification

• Screw & Barrel manufacture from EN -41B Nitralloy Steel (Musco make steel)
• The material is toughened with 35-37 HRC.
• Screw profile manufacture under strict quality control on C.N.C. Thread Milling machine.
• The screw is ground and polished by a special-purpose machine.
• Stabilizing is done to remove all stresses developed.
• Screw & Barrel is nitride hardened; skin hardness maintains up to 64 - 68 HRC.
• Nitrided layer thickness maintained up to 0.47 to 0.50.
• Wear-resistant screw & barrel for longer life.


Single Screw & Barrel - Vented Type. Barrier Type, Maddock – Barrier Type, Grooved Feed Type, Ring, Plunger & Torpedo.



Twin Screw & Barrel like Kabra, Windsor, Rollepaal, Theysohn, Krauss Maffei and many more.

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Twin Screw Extruders

CPVC/ RPVC/ UPVC Pipe Extrusion Plant for applications like Electrical Conduits, SWR, Plumbing, Casing, Column, Agriculture. Output Range - 100 Kg/hr to 1500 Kg/hr


Single Screw Extruders 

PE/ PPR Pipe Extrusion Plants for applications like Agriculture, Sprinkler, Chemical Industry, Gas, Telecom duct. Output Range - 60 Kg/hr to 1500 Kg/hr.

Mixer Machine.png

High Speed Heater Cooler Mixer Machine

High speed Heater Cooler mixers for Rigid PVC and Soft PVC compounding applications. These are designed considering high/ low filled compound application as per customer’s requirement. 

Garden Hose Pipe Extrusion Lines.jpg

Garden Hose Pipe Plant

Garden Hose Pipe Extrusion Plant for Soft PVC Pipes. Output Range - 60 Kg/hr to 120 Kg/hr.

Vaccum Sizing Tank ,  Cooling Tank.png

Downstream Equipment

Downstream Equipment Like Vacuum Tank, Cooling Tank, Tube Traction Unit, Tube Cutting Unit, Tube Tilting Unit & Automatic Coiler Unit.  



We are pleased to introduce ourselves as an ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturer & exporter of standard and customized Single and Twin (parallel / conical) Screw and Barrel, All Kinds of Pipe Extrusion Plant & High-Speed Heater-Cooler Mixer machine. We are established since 1992 with the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located at Dhamatvan, Ahmedabad spread in a plot area of 20,000 sq. meter.

Till date, we have served more than 5000 customers in the World and exported our products in 37 Countries.